5 Things about Summer Tires

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When summer comes, make sure you check those parts of our vehicle that can get affected by the high temperatures. While doing so, don’t miss out to get a new set of summer tires.

When you are getting new stuff for your car to suit the temperature needs, tires are no exception. Since tires are the only part of the car in direct contact with the road, you must pay some special attention to the tire. In the regions with a moderate climate,  it is good to use summer tires not only during these months but from April to October.

Manufacturers recommend having a different set of tires for a different season that must be exchanged at the right time. This reduces deterioration, optimizes performance and decreases fuel consumption. Thankfully, it’s not necessary to go to a workshop to do it.

In case you are wondering why should you use summer tires, here’re a few reasons you must consider. So let’s dive in;

  1. Greater grip

The summer tires are specially designed to be used in summer or hot climates adhere better to the road. It makes driving safer while avoiding the risks of an accident. By reducing the braking-time, the chances of colliding with another vehicle are significantly reduced.

  1. Better Maneuverability

When conditions are not extreme, the ability to maneuver is better. These tires offer fast & precise direction, especially when taking sharp turns so that you can get more control of the vehicle.

  1. More Contact Surface

Normally, the summer tires are known to be wider. Especially, it is for this reason that they adhere better. The only disadvantage here is that it can increase the risk of aquaplaning when it rains as they are more prone to losing traction or skidding.

  1. Reduction of Noise & Consumption

Time for the reality check here! Since there is less rolling resistance, the noise generated by the vehicle is also low. This also translates into lower fuel consumption thereby saving money on fuel.

  1. Price

Normally, the summer tires are cheaper as compared to the winter or all-season tires. In case you buy a set of tires for this summer season, you can take this off once the summer is over and use it again in the next year.

Here’re a few tips that you must be mindful of about the summer tires;

  • Check that the grooves have a minimum depth of 1.6 mm to ensure optimal road adhesion & prevent slippage. The marks that appear on the wheels can help determine the cause of wear that’ll help us detect the possible errors & negligence that we could be committing. The greater the wear, the higher the expense in maintenance & fuel.
  • Make sure the air pressure is adequate if it’s low, the consumption increases. And in case they get too swollen, the stability of the car is affected. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s imperative to check the pressure of the best car tire every 2-weeks.
  • Depending on the weather, the tires should adapt to each season. Wearing a rubber type for each season would ensure the less wear while increasing safety. So all the expenses are compensated in the long run.

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