4 Ways to Reset iPhone Series [Soft and Hard Reset]

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How to reset iPhone is different for each series. This is because physically and systematically, the iPhone almost always makes changes. So that the iPhone reset method that is done directly from the smartphone can not be the same. But in principle, the reset process is almost the same. It’s just the position of the buttons and options in different settings.

Now before you go into how to do a reset, you need to know what exactly is the function of resetting an iPhone. In addition, you also need to understand that there are several different ways to reset an iPhone that can be done. So that later you can choose the most appropriate way to reset the condition of your smartphone.

For example, you can reset iPhone 4 by forgetting the iCloud password or reset the locked iPhone. Besides the purpose of resetting the iPhone can also be done on the grounds because the smartphone is starting to lag or slow.

Now with these different goals, then how to reset the iPhone can be divided into two, namely soft reset and hard reset. In order not to choose the wrong iPhone reset method, you can read the following differences between soft reset and hard reset.

A. Difference between Soft Reset and Hard Reset

How to reset the iPhone can be divided into two, namely soft reset and hard reset. The difference in how to reset this will answer the purpose of you doing a reset because the end result is quite different.

Soft reset does not erase data on the iPhone, while a hard reset will erase data entirely. This hard reset is suitable for those of you who want to sell your iPhone because all data stored in memory or system setup data will be clean. This hard reset is also suitable for use if you lose or forget an iCloud account. By doing a hard reset, the smartphone will be like new again or return to factory settings.

The way to do a soft reset is different for each iPhone model or series. This is because a soft reset is done using a combination of buttons on the smartphone. Because the iPhone is always changing its physical appearance, it will certainly make this soft reset method different. On the other hand, the hard reset method has the same method on every smartphone model or series.

Soft reset is usually done if the smartphone often hangs or lags. This treatment can increase the iPhone’s performance because the system will restart so that the rest of the previously running application work will be eliminated. While hard reset is usually done for broader cases. For example, really want to restore to factory settings. Or if you forget the icloud password so it must be returned to normal.

Now that was some difference in soft reset and hard reset. You can choose the reset method that you will do. After selecting, below are the steps to do a reset. You need to read every detail and adjust it to the smartphone series you have. This is because later the way to reset the iPhone 6 is different from the iPhone 4 or iPhone 7 and other series.

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B. How to soft reset various iPhone series

How to soft reset the iPhone is different for each series. So you need to check the series that matches your phone. The method for certain series cannot be used for series that have different views. Even though it’s actually almost the same, it’s different in combination.

Now to be able to do this, you have to make sure that the keys needed are active. Cell phones whose buttons have been damaged, can’t do a soft reset this way. Because there is no backup combination to do a soft reset.

But I think the buttons used are still active on your smartphone, because these are important buttons that are almost always used. Then you don’t need to worry about using it. Immediately, you can check how to reset the iPhone lightly in each series below.

a. How to reset iPhone 4 to iPhone 6 series

This reset method can be used for iPhone 4 series, how to reset iPhone 5 series, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. The methods in these series are the same because the physical form of the smartphone is almost the same. All you need is the home button and power button. Here are the steps.

  1. Press the home and power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds
  2. If the screen is dead, release the button
  3. Wait for the Apple logo to appear
  4. Wait for the boot process to end
  5. Done

b. How to reset iPhone 7 Series

How to reset the iPhone 7 series is very helpful that has problems with the inactive home button. The buttons needed are the power button and the volume down button. Both of these buttons are almost impossible to leave broken, because it is very important function in the use of smartphones.

  1. Press and hold for a few seconds the power button (the location is the one on the right)
  2. Without releasing the power button, press and hold the volume down button
  3. Hold both buttons until the Apple logo appears
  4. Wait for the boot process to end
  5. Done

c. How to reset iPhone 8 series to iPhone X

iPhone 8 to iPhone X is an iPhone series that is still relatively new. With its bezelless appearance, making the iPhone series recently has no home button. So how to reset this iPhone certainly can not be done as a method on the iPhone 4 to 6 series.

The buttons used to reset the iPhone 8 series to the iPhone X are the power, volume up and volume down buttons. So the method is indeed similar to the iPhone 7 series. But unfortunately, how to reset the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is quite complicated and longer than other methods.

This is because 3 buttons are used and are not pressed simultaneously, different from the two previous methods. Even so, if done patiently and following the right method, it can be done smoothly. Make sure you follow the steps below correctly.

  1. Click and release the volume up button (on the left, center)
  2. Click and release the volume down button (on the left, bottom)
  3. Press the power button on the right
  4. wait for the Apple logo to appear on the screen
  5. Wait for the boot process to end
  6. Done

Now that’s a few steps on how to do a soft reset on the iPhone various models and series. Make sure you follow each step according to the HP model and series you have. Different methods and models of HP will certainly make the reset method not work properly.

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If what you need isn’t just speeding up the performance of the cellphone, but you need to clean up all data and system settings, then you need a hard reset process. Next I discuss the steps to how to hard reset the iPhone on various models and series.

C. How to hard reset iPhone on cellphone

How to hard reset the iPhone is not done by using a key combination. The process of how to reset the iPhone as a whole is done through the settings. Of course this method can only be done if you have access using a smartphone.

If you don’t have access to a smartphone, for example forget the smartphone password. Or the cellphone found on the side of the road, then this isn’t the hard reset. Maybe you can try to flash the smartphone so that all data is lost and return to its original settings.

Now to do iPhone hard reset, you can apply the steps below. All models and series can use the same method.

  1. Enter Settings
  2. Look down, click General or General
  3. Scroll down, click Reset or Reset
  4. Select the type of reset you need, for a full hard reset, click Delete Content & Settings
  5. Confirm backup of documents and data
  6. Wait until the process is complete

It’s as simple as resetting the iPhone via settings. The process is easy, but it takes a long time. What makes it long is the process of erasing all data and restoring the entire system as before. Sooner or later the hard reset process is also influenced by the amount of data stored on the smartphone. The more data, the longer the process will be.

That was a few methods for how to soft reset and how to hard reset an iPhone. You can choose the type of reset according to your needs and goals. Then choose the right method according to the model and series of cellphone you have so that the process can run well.

I hope you succeed in how to reset this iPhone. Hope it is useful and hopefully it helps.


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